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Curious about making the switch to laser hair removal? Check out what our customers think.


“I wish I had done this for myself tons sooner because it has completely changed my life. I am saving so much time and energy in the shower and am amazed at how much of my mind had been taken up with my hair removal routine. It is super freeing not to have it in my thoughts very much.”

Karina Koji


“The Laser Clinic has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy that my appointments have been quick and easy and last around 15 minutes. I have had four treatments so far, and the majority of my underarm hair is gone. I will go back for two more treatments to complete the whole process. Not shaving or worrying about underarm hair feels amazing and is a huge gift. I think women in general are always trying to get better at self-care. I see laser hair removal as one of those gifts to ourselves that help us check off a time-consuming, unnecessary task, so we can focus on the things we actually want to do. 

Sara and her staff are laid-back and genuine, and the clinic is clean and professional. I highly recommend trying out laser hair removal and reaching out to The Laser Clinic to explore what more they have to offer!”

Jenny McGee


“My experience at the Laser Clinic has been top notch. I sought out laser hair removal because I am susceptible to razor burn and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal has been the perfect solution—it has no side effects and the look is clean and smooth.

I was also pleasantly surprised about the amount of ‘pain’ I felt at the Laser Clinic. I could talk throughout the whole procedure and never felt the pain was significant. It’s definitely worth the benefits of no shaving and no razor burn.”

Kristen Brown


“I'm a busy working mom. I don't have time for painful, in-grown hairs from shaving. After four quick visits to the Laser Clinic, my in-grown hairs were gone!”

Lara Wakefield


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