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+ Why do people choose laser hair removal?

Some people are just tired of shaving, waxing, or other temporary methods of hair removal. Others have embarrassing hair growth that causes them great distress. Some people are wanting to make significant changes to their appearance, or some just want one or two areas treated.

+ Is laser hair removal right for me?

It could be! The best candidates for laser hair removal have darker hair and lighter skin. At your free consultation, we will analyze your skin and hair type and needs and counsel you as to what we have to offer and success rates.

+ Does laser hair removal work on all hair?

There are some situations where laser hair removal doesn’t work well. Fine, white hairs (called Lanugo) do not respond to laser hair removal because there is not a target for the laser to work. Grey hair, similarly, does not respond to laser treatment.

+ Who should not have laser hair removal?

It is not safe to perform on suntanned skin. You need to be out of the sun for about a month to be safe. We also will not laser an area of the body with open lesions or certain skin conditions. Some clients will have hormonal disturbances that may require medical treatment for the best results. During your free consultation, we will take a thorough history to ensure there are no contradictions to laser hair removal. We are happy to discuss each situation to optimize success.

+ Is laser hair removal 100% effective?

The FDA states that laser hair removal should be considered “Permanent Hair Reduction” not “Permanent Removal." Some hairs may remain - like the fine, white, vellus hairs that cover most of your body. In addition, you may have some hair regrowth in the future that might require touch up treatments. While this is true, good candidates usually are satisfied, and hair free in the area and would only require infrequent touch ups with the laser.

+ How does laser hair removal work?

Like all lasers, the Alexandrite Laser targets a certain wavelength on the color spectrum. The color target is called the chromophore. Most hair, especially darker hair, has a pigment called melanin in it. Melanin is what is expressed in your skin when you get a suntan, and it is also in most hair. The melanin in the hair acts as the chromophore, or the target for the laser energy. The energy is carried down the hair shaft into the hair follicle, or root. This energy then damages the hair root, such that it will not grow hair.

+ How many treatments are required?

It very much depends on the client, their hair and skin type, and the area to be treated. However, in general, most people require about 6 treatments to achieve the desired results.

+ Will I see results after the first treatment?

Yes! Most people see significant results with the first treatment, thus making them excited to continue with treatments. Most people feel they received some value for the money they spent right from the start.

+ Do you require the purchase of a package, or multiple treatments up front?

No! While we can always do a package if you prefer, most of our clients like to pay as they go. This leaves it up to the client how many treatments they want and how frequently.

+ How often should treatments occur?

Again, it depends on the client, their hair and skin type, and the area treated. Most clients come every 4 - 6 weeks so as to optimize treatment with the hair growth cycle.

+ What if I can’t come in every 4 - 6 weeks?

No problem! Some of our clients can only afford to come in less frequently, or are only in town or available for treatments less frequently. Others need to take a break in the summer because of sun exposure and tanning. Even with longer breaks, treatments will still be effective, it will just take longer to get all of your treatments done and have the final desired effect.

+ What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

A common side effect is mild erythema (redness) around the hair follicle. Some people will experience some itching for a few days or weeks afterwards.

+ Does laser hair removal hurt?

Yes, but most people tolerate it just fine. The amount of pain depends on the area of the body and the density and coarseness of the hair in that area. Some people feel very little. Others describe a sensation of the snap of a rubber band against the skin. The Alexandrite Laser has a cooling mechanism that shoots a quick puff of cooled air against the skin immediately, to minimize the pain.

+ Should I worry about complications?

While complications are rare, this is a medical procedure using a laser — so there is the possibility of complications. Most complications would be skin related, like hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) or hypo-pigmentation (light spots) after treatment. Burning or blistering are very rare concerns, as safety is our number one concern. We take great care to be conservative, and calibrate the laser specifically to your skin type after a full medical history is taken. This is one reason you only want to have treatments in a medically supervised, highly trained facility like The Laser Clinic. Potential for complications will be discussed further during your free consultation.

+ Why is laser hair removal costly?

The Alexandrite Laser that we use is an expensive, high tech medical device. It requires an investment, calibration, and maintenance. Laser treatments by medical professionals with years of experience offers the most safety. We consider these treatments to be an investment in yourself. Nothing is more valuable than your time, convenience, and self esteem.

+ Is laser hair removal economical?

While medically directed laser hair removal is expensive, we consider it to be a valuable investment. Compare the durability of results to other methods of hair removal. When you really consider the expense, time, and headache of waxing, shaving, irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hairs — laser hair removal can be seen to have great economical value.

+ Does insurance cover the treatments?

No. Laser hair removal is considered a luxury. While many people are seeking treatments for reasons other than cosmetic appearance or convenience, insurance companies do not consider Laser Hair removal to be medically necessary treatment. Payment is expected prior to any treatment. We do accept cash, checks, or credit or debit cards for your convenience.

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