What Makes Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

Ok, time to get real about the amount of money it takes to get smooth skin and why laser hair removal can be tough on your pocketbook.


Top-of-the-line tech

You probably already knew this, but lasers, particularly ones used for medical purposes, are still relatively new and take a lot of maintenance.

Your time, convenience, self esteem, and safety are, and should always be, top priority in laser hair removal. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the laser removing your hair is the best and working at its optimum level.

The Alexandrite Laser is one of the best lasers available for laser hair removal, and what we use at TLC. However, this quality of laser increases the cost of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a luxury

Although this procedure uses and requires medical-grade equipment, laser hair removal is considered a luxury in our healthcare system—so it isn’t covered by health insurance.

Although many people get laser hair removal for reasons other than cosmetic ones, you cannot subsidize your laser hair removal with health insurance.

What’s the good news?

The good news is that laser hair removal is an investment that keeps paying off.

Shaving and waxing add up fast, but laser hair removal is a cost-effective investment in yourself.

That’s the breakdown of why laser hair removal can produce a little bit of sticker shock for most of us. Laser hair removal is definitely a costly process, but having a safe and empowering experience and saving money in the long run makes this journey worth the money.

Interested in our pricing? Make an investment in yourself today.

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