Karina’s Laser Hair Removal Journey: Part 6

Follow along with this blog series as Karina shares her experience with The Laser Clinic.


I had my sixth laser treatment today! Here’s what I noticed in between my last treatment and this one. 

First, my skin in both my underarms and bikini area is SO much softer and less irritated than it was when I was regularly shaving. It’s unreal! I was using fresh three-blade razors and really good moisturizing body wash, too! My sensitive skin reacts to everything, and it is 100% happier now that I don’t have to bother it with hair removal multiple times a week. 


Second, I had almost no hair regrowth. We’re talking like three hairs in my underarms and a couple on my bikini region. Celebrate! It was very clear to me that I was having excellent success with laser treatment. 

Third, sex is better for me and a lot more fun when I don’t have irritated skin or stubble, or am worried about how long my bikini area hair is. That is very freeing. Dr. Crowder went ahead and lasered the entire areas just to make sure she got any hair follicles that were just starting to produce hair. She said I can move from every six weeks to just making an appointment when and if I notice regrowth. 

My underarm skin also reacted to the laser, so Dr. Crowder gave me an ice pack to put on it, and by the time she’d finished the other underarm, the first one had calmed down. I hardly felt a thing in my bikini area except for one little sensitive spot. 

As always, the whole appointment was super fast, private, and empowering. I’m so happy with my results and only wish I’d done this sooner!