Karina’s Laser Hair Removal Journey: Part 5

Follow along with this blog series as Karina shares her experience with The Laser Clinic.


My fifth laser session went really well. 

I was a little nervous about how it would feel after having a more intense treatment the last time, so I brought my husband with me in case I needed some hand-holding. Dr. Crowder had told me it was absolutely fine to bring a support person; they just need to wear protective eye gear, too! I ended up only needing him for a couple of sensitive spots in my bikini area. And my underarms were no big deal—just as they had been in the past.


My skin did react to the laser again, but aloe gel calmed it right down. I’d had great results in between treatments, with minimal hair regrowth and softer, more fine hair that grew in. This time, I was able to go a month without shaving my bikini region, and when I did it was just to get a few hairs cleaned up. I didn’t even shave my underarms at all since my last appointment! Each time I have a treatment, I’m happier and happier with the results.