Karina’s Laser Hair Removal Journey: Part 4

Follow along with this blog series as Karina shares her experience with The Laser Clinic.


At my fourth laser hair removal appointment, I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I’d shaved my underarms. How cool is that?! 

I had also noticed less body odor there, and that I could use less deodorant. I was saving so much time and energy in the shower, and was amazed at how much of my mind had been taken up with my hair removal routine. It was super freeing not to have it in my thoughts very much. 


I experimented with seeing how long it took for my bikini region to grow back and what the hair was like. After two weeks of no shaving, it did start to regrow, but it was much softer and more sparse. Some spots didn’t grow back at all during that time. 

For the first time, the procedure did cause me some significant pain. But my skin was very sensitive that day already, and I’d been having a chronic “high pain” day. I had also just had some caffeine, which Dr. Crowder told me sometimes affects clients. Next time I will make sure to keep my caffeine consumption low and manage my chronic pain better. 

I still made it through, and the results are so fantastic that it was very worth it. The whole thing was very quick as usual. Today, the day after, I am only slightly tender after applying the aloe gel Dr. Crowder provides.