Karina’s Laser Hair Removal Journey: Part 3

Follow along with this blog series as Karina shares her experience with The Laser Clinic.


Finished my third laser session with Dr. Crowder! My appointment went great, with very little discomfort at all.

After my second appointment, I noticed a real difference in hair growth. I was still shaving once a week, but it was mostly to clear up little baby hairs. My skin continued to feel softer and healthier without being in contact with creams and razors so often. 

I was also very relieved about not having to spend a ton of my energy and effort keeping up my bikini area—it had been getting really difficult for me with my chronic pain and fatigue. I even went on a Florida vacation with my family, and it was great not having to worry about stray hairs escaping my swimsuit or the sand irritating tender, freshly shaved areas! I was feeling like a total laser hair removal convert. 

I wish I had done this for myself tons sooner, because it has completely changed my life.