Karina’s Laser Hair Removal Journey: Part 2

Follow along with this blog series as Karina shares her experience with The Laser Clinic.


My second laser session went great. I’d already noticed that I was shaving less and my body hair was growing back more slowly. I was so excited to see results after just one treatment! I’d gone from shaving my underarms and bikini region twice a week to just once a week. The hair was more fine, as well! And my skin in these areas was happier from not being irritated by a razor as much. 

Again I was pleasantly surprised that the process wasn’t very painful. It was even less intense than my first treatment. I was there for thirty minutes from start to finish, including getting dressed. I know a lot of folks worry about it being awkward having a technician laser their private areas, but Dr. Crowder was so professional and respectful. I was even making jokes about what close friends we are now. 

By the time I got dressed, my skin felt like nothing at all had happened, and I had zero tenderness or irritation afterwards.