Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

You probably hear the word “laser” and feel a little uneasy. Laser hair removal can sound even less welcoming. But how scary is laser hair removal really? Let’s talk about it.


Will laser hair removal be painful?

Yes, but most people tolerate it just fine.

It’s a laser that’s sending energy into the roots of your hair, so it’s not entirely painless. However, the amount of pain depends on the area that you’re getting hair removed from and the coarseness of your hair. At your free consultation you’ll be able to ask more specifically about the sensitivity of the area you’re hoping to get hair-free.

But, like, how painful is it?

Some people feel very little pain. But people who have found it painful often describe it like the snap of a rubber band. Definitely manageable, but not painless.

Are there ways to make it hurt a little less?

Yes! If you’ve got the right equipment and take care of your skin afterwards, your laser hair removal will be less painful.

Get the right laser. Some lasers, like the Alexandrite laser that we use, shoots a quick puff of cool air onto the skin immediately after the laser sensation. This minimizes the pain of laser hair removal, so you can get smooth skin without the extra sting.

Now that you’ve gotten the low-down on laser hair removal and the actual amount of “ouch” that goes into it, you can weigh your hair-free options.

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